Crane Launch New VOIB Software for IPLDK

According to Andy Herring, Technical Product Manager for LG Business at distributor Crane Telecommunications, IPLDK networking just got even more flexible and cost effective.

Herring told Comms Business Magazine, “This new level of software offers even greater flexibility than ever. Until now separate VOIB cards were needed for IP Networking between sites and for deploying IP End Points. With this new level of software you can now utilise the same VOIB card for IP trunks and IP Endpoints making the IP application for the IPLDK even more cost effective than ever.”

Herring added that the relevant documentation relating to this new software can be found on Crane’s iServe reseller web interface and that any VOIB ordered from this date on via iServe will be loaded with the latest software.

Crane Chairman David George, in an interview with Comms Business Magazine last month said that iServe has proved to be an invaluable tool for Crane resellers. iServe provides a knowledge management portal containing a repository of information on systems and their functionality. George noted, “We monitor the effectiveness for reseller via survey responses and overall we are seeing a very positive reaction to both of these on line support systems.”

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