Crimson Tide keeps Irish government secure on mobile

Crimson Tide, the mobile software technologies company, is pleased to announce that a ten year study initiated by the Irish government to ensure that the needs of its older people are met, is utilising an advanced mobile system developed by the Crimson to guarantee security and confidentiality.

TILDA (The Irish LongituDinal Study on Ageing) was launched by Minister for
Health Mary Harney in November 2006, to study a representative sample of at least 8,000 people aged 50 years and over and resident in Ireland. It charts their health, social and economic circumstances over a 10 year period.

The study is being carried out across the whole of Ireland by Trinity College
Dublin in collaboration with a panel of scientific researchers and international scientists with expertise in various fie of ageing. Crimson Tide’s system ensures this operation is carried out in a secure and confidential manner using mobile portable technology.

The application is centred around the Motorola MC55 hand held device and requires the user to identify and capture each respondent’s details. It enables the user to move through a series of screens, tional data relevant to the project, as they proceed.

The system uses real time GPRS data transfer to ensure that records are updated immediately after each visit, and the hand held device interacts with a number of application-based tests carried out on a laptop computer.

All information gathered is kept strictly confidential and used only for research purposes.

Crimson Tide Director Laurence Darcy says: “It has been a privilege to work on this study with Trinity College Dublin to develop a state of the art mobile data solution. We are working on a range of solutions the healthcare sector and expect to have more innovative solutions coming to the market this year.”

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