Crimson Tide wins contracts with capital compactors and Brenchley Civil Engineering

Both contract wins are the result of Crimson Tide’s recent partnership with Premier Telecom, the top Vodafone platinum partner
Crimson Tide, the leading developer of mpro business applications, on smartphone, tablet and pda, has signed contracts with Brenchley Civil Engineering and Capital Compactors to deliver its mpro smartphone applications. Both contracts are for an initial 3 year period and charged on a monthly subscription.

Capital Compactors has over 25 years’ experience in waste management and specialises in the manufacture and supply of custom-built compactors and bailers to help their customers achieve the most cost-effective method of commercial waste disposal possible. To do so, the company has a team of highly skilled service and maintenance engineers who are constantly out on the road.

Capital Compactors has signed a 20-user contract with Crimson Tide to equip this team of mobile engineers with the Company’s mpro smartphone application, mpro Gemini. The mpro Gemini application will give Capital Compactors complete management over all of its engineers out in the field through its powerful job scheduling, alerting and reporting functionality. The system will include specifications that allow jobs with an “urgent” status to be scheduled out to engineers on a daily basis, along with giving engineers the flexibility to reschedule jobs for themselves on the smartphone if they are unable to make the appointment. The mpro Gemini system will therefore not only enhance customer satisfaction for Capital Compactors but also increase the productivity of its engineers.

The contract with Brenchley Civil Engineering is for an initial 36 subscribers. Brenchley Civil Engineering check, excavate and survey terrain in preparation for lamppost installations and for the repair of pot-holes. The mpro Gemini system will enable the company to schedule out specific jobs to individual teams of engineers who are involved in different stages of these protocols, thus improving field management of engineers and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Once on a job, the mpro Gemini system will present engineers with mobilised versions of their forms, which they’ll complete on the smartphone. These mobile forms will include before and after photo capture of every stage of work-completion, which are then automatically synchronised back to the main web-based server, hosted in the cloud by Crimson Tide. The powerful mpro Gemini software can create customised reports about each specific job , which are then emailed to relevant staff, always keeping them up to speed.

Both contracts result from Crimson Tide’s recent partnership with Premier Telecom, Vodafone’s largest B2B partner in the UK. Premier Telecom’s sales executives are now actively reselling the Company’s mpro applications, and with a partner of Premier Telecom’s calibre on its side, Crimson Tide looks set to extend the sales opportunities for its mpro smartphone applications even further.

Barrie Whipp, Executive Chairman of Crimson Tide, commented “This is clearly a very encouraging start to our relationship with Premier Telecom. The Premier Telecom sales team is enthused about our mpro apps, and we’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership”.

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