CRM Mobility expected to help resellers create customer loyalty

One of the biggest challenges facing resellers is the problem of churn and losing customers to the competition, stated Outsourcery. The company has claimed that resellers need to create added value within their client base in order to secure customer loyalty, especially in the current tough market conditions.

Advances in business applications which can be accessed via a PDA or BlackBerry device mean that dealers and resellers can now provide a single holistic offering to their customers, encompassing mobile and IT solution, the business said.

Mark Seemann, product strategy and development director at Outsourcery, said: “There is incredible pent up demand among SMEs for CRM technology to be transmitted to their mobile and hand held devices. Gone are the days when most small businesses could just rely upon monitoring information on customers and contacts from the office; resellers need to be offering their customers the capability to do this on the move.

“At Outsourcery, we have witnessed a significant increase in the demand for hosted CRM solutions for mobile devices. Anyone who wants to know how SMEs will be using technology in the future should watch the CRM mobility market in the coming months.”

Business mobility applications – historically associated with high development, installation and maintenance costs – have until very recently been the sole domain of big business. However, industry experts are predicting a major widespread uptake in their use as a rented service among the nation’s SMEs, claimed Seemann.

The world of business is increasingly demanding that business critical information can be obtained on mobile devices in real time. Mobile applications for CRM in particular will mean that resellers will be able to offer SME executives the ability to obtain up to the minute sales, marketing and customer service information and by managing leads and expressions of interest more efficiently, they can help drive growth and profitability.

Outsourcery, the UK’s sole launch partner for the Microsoft Communication Services partner programme, is already enabling SMEs to be competitive against major corporations with multi-million pound IT budgets. Outsourcery provides software solutions to SMEs on a per user, per month basis without the need for hardware or maintenance contracts.
Deploying a CRM mobility solution means that all of a sudden, sales pipelines become real time and service information gleaned from the customers site is instantly available to the desk-based support staff without having to wait for daily or weekly updates from the on site engineers, commented Seemann. These are the advantages that resellers will need to be able to promise to compete in today’s tough market.

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