Crossroads for Convergence say COLT

Speaking to Comms Business Magazine, Fraser McNicol, Convergence Product Manager at COLT, says “We are at a crossroads in the convergence story. Businesses are treading a delicate path between the ‘carrot’ of convergence and the ‘stick’ of I.T. policy discipline.

Companies see the business benefits of IP: cost reductions, increased flexibility, reduced network investment, the remote working possibilities it offers and the integration of communication methods such as email, fax and voicemail. However they also see increased security concerns inherent in a converged voice and data network. Once telephony becomes another application operating over the data network it is, in theory, prey to viruses, spam and illicit access.

The question this really raises is: Should voice now be part of the IT policy? There are a number of security procedures that have long been in place for fixed data units (ie, PCs in the office) but do IT managers now need to extend that out to voice? And does business need to be more disciplined than ever in the way it implements its IT security policies? Telephony is no longer an island and IT policies need to reflect this.”

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