Crystal Ball launches service to view handset traffic in real time

Crystal Ball has launched a new bolt-on service for mobile tracking called ‘Mobile Monitor’. For the very first time, full sight records of all sent, received and missed calls, which are all time and date stamped can be viewed in real time.

The full content of all sent and received texts can be viewed in real time, again all time and date stamped. Mobile Monitor also has the facility to set up email alerts to users making or receiving calls or texts to specific numbers.

Customers can easily establish the precise location of all call and text traffic, and whether they were made in transit. Mobile Monitor provides detailed management reports about handset usage in either Excel or PDF format.

Crystal Ball managing director, Raj Singh, said: “Many employers have IT policies in place, where email and internet usage is monitored. If you think about it, vehicles, PCs and mobiles are all company property, so monitoring mobiles is no different. Bizarrely, the situation still exists where businesses and individuals can receive an itemised bill from network operators with information of just their outgoing calls and text messages; once a month, normally two-to-three weeks after the month end.

“With Mobile Monitor, employers can now immediately address HR and customer service issues as they arise, where real time call information can be easily accessed to support any necessary investigation,” continued Singh. “This also includes being able to monitor handset usage whilst driving and therefore ensuring that company driving policies regarding the use of hands free are adhered to, which ensures compliance with legislation. Mobile Monitor also helps businesses improve productivity of staff by providing full visibility of all handset usage. It’s a very useful tool for those companies who need to keep a close eye on what’s going on, for whatever reason.”

Mobile Monitor is an over the air download app, compatible with Windows based handsets. A BlackBerry version will be launched in a few weeks, with Symbian and Android operating systems due later this year.

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