CTI Group Launches Enhanced Dynamic Reports for Unified Multi-Play Billing

CTI Group, a provider of Bill Management Solutions, today announced the introduction of an enhanced multi-play version of Dynamic Reports – the latest billing solution to give Telcos a competitive advantage with their consolidated offerings. The enhanced version has been introduced in response to the growing trend towards fixed-mobile convergence and the demand for unified electronic billing as an advertising tool and a means to reduce customer churn.

With billing now high on the agenda for many service providers, Dynamic Reports has been updated to consolidate converged services from a service provider into a single source. It now also includes more sophisticated advertising functionality that enables highly targeted advertising banners, based on a users profile, spend or usage, that link back to the Telco’s website.

The enhanced version offers users eBill presentation and interactive usage analysis reports delivered by secure email. The bill then consolidates costs for simple cost control and management. It contains an electronic bill plus interactive bill analysis reports that detail all multi-play services from the same supplier.

The analysis function offers summary and in-depth information for the previous month’s billing in the form of statistics, 3D graphs, interactive charts together with customer watch points and observations. All this, without the need for a sizeable CRM/customer profiling database to pinpoint marketing messages as everything is self-contained. There is no requirement for additional CRM or profiling.

The latest Dynamic Reports offering allows service providers to reduce costs by replacing paper bills and executing a single bill production process. Its customers benefit from the convenience of a single bill for fixed-line, mobile, and broadband and a stronger brand experience. By providing transparent billing information, Dynamic Reports also reduces the number of billing queries and associated costs.

All-inclusive billing solutions also present a unique marketing opportunity as an effective and low cost direct advertising route. The use of statements and bills as an advertising medium – or ‘transpromotional advertising,’ is now widely recognised as an effective technique that delivers tangible results. Using Dynamic Reports, Telco companies can strategically position tailored content (banners or text) on the customer’s bill. By clicking the banner, the customer is automatically directed to the relevant section of the Telco’s website; this being determined by the individual’s profile or past purchasing behaviour. This increase in personalisation enhances the up-sell and cross-sell opportunity.

Consumers typically pay greater attention to monthly statements and bills compared with stand-alone direct mail. Transpromotional advertising is therefore clearly supported in terms of ‘eyeball time’ but is also proven to be significantly more cost effective than traditional direct mail.

Andy Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director, CTI Group, comments, “With the advent of triple and quad-play, many service providers are still issuing separate bills for each service, creating expense and inefficiency for the provider and frustration for the customer. With customer churn at its highest billing has become increasingly important in the Telco value chain, and the ability to offer customers a unified view of their bill, relevant information about wider offers and services, together with the facility to understand and interpret usage is proven to increase customer relations, and ultimately loyalty.”

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