CTI Group Opens Up New Opportunities for Cisco Resellers

With demand for unified communications solutions growing, Proteus VoIP Quality Management System (QMS), from call management and recording solutions provider CTI Group, has received pre-qualification for Cisco’s Solutions Incentive Programme (SIP).

Proteus is a call management and billing tool designed to monitor and manage calls made over VoIP networks and has also received official certification for use with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). CTI Group says that Proteus is distributed through resellers looking to complement their core CUCM VoIP offering and allows them to quickly overcome many of the concerns end users have about deploying VoIP solutions.

As a result of the pre-qualification, CTI has experienced a growing demand from Cisco resellers who understand the short and long term benefits of using one of the market’s premier application lead solutions. The pre-qualification for SIP ensures that these resellers can enjoy increased profit margins, and through the delivery of Proteus alongside the CUCM, resellers have access to a wider range of value-add opportunities.

Lee Essex, Product Manager at CTI Group, commented: “CTI Group have always enjoyed dominance in sectors such as finance and local government, but our collaboration with Cisco and its channel resellers means that we are enjoying unprecedented growth in the healthcare and education sectors. Our pre-qualification for SIP is another step in our continued commitment to Cisco and its reseller channel. I would encourage any reseller who is looking to uncover new opportunities in any of these sectors to work with our Cisco Account Team via the Solutions Incentive Programme.”

By providing extensive call management functionality across CUCM deployments, Proteus simplifies and centralises reporting, cost allocation and protection against fraud, while at the same time allowing proactive monitoring of quality of service via Call Management Records (CMR) data such as jitter, latency, packet-loss and Mean Opinion Source (MOS). Proteus is also used by businesses to identify and eliminate unnecessary telecom expenditure, manage employee productivity, stop employee telephony misuse and identify calls unanswered by key groups such as sales and customer service departments. The solution has already been successfully implemented together with Cisco’s offering at several global sites including the Harvey Nichols department store chain in the UK.

Cisco CUCM is an enterprise-class IP telephony call-processing system that provides traditional telephony features as well as advanced capabilities, such as mobility, presence, preference and rich conferencing services. Its robust processing allows users to simplify their voice systems, increase the productivity of both office-based and mobile staff and improve collaboration between different offices regardless of location.

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