CTI Group to Offer VoIP Call Recording Integration on BroadWorks Platform

CTI Group is now partnering in the US with Broadcore to provide SmartRecordIP through BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platform. The company says SmartRecordIP is a VoIP call recording solution with industry leading security, retrieval and archival features and a virtual user-interface with global accessibility.

“The architecture of the SmartRecordIP software enables a seamless integration with the BroadWorks platform making it, what we believe, is the most fail-safe, dependable VoIP call recording software on the market. We recognise Broadcore as a leading industry provider and are excited to be partnering with them to provide its customers with the features they need.” Sid Rao, Chief Technology Officer, CTI Group, Inc.

With over 20 years of telephony experience, Broadcore has been able to incorporate its past knowledge of customer needs with its hosted VoIP telephony service. This new hosted unified communications service is able to provide richer features, due to the innate characteristics of VoIP technology, while also offering a one-vendor unified communications service that is completely hosted and managed by Broadcore.

Call recording is an important component of a complete unified communications service offering. Many unified communications providers conveniently leave call recording off of their component list, due to the logistical and implementation challenges it presents to any IP network. To deploy a robust and reliable unified communications solution, a service provider must build a properly designed and well integrated VoIP infrastructure and select the right technology partners.

“Here at Broadcore, we’ve done just that by putting together a flawless VoIP infrastructure and choosing the right technology partners. A case in point is our selection of CTI Group’s SmartRecordIP call recording solution. Broadcore has gained significant competitive advantage by deploying a robust call recording solution powered by CTI Group’s SmartRecordIP.” Dean Manzoori, Senior Vice President of Service Delivery and Technical Operations, BroadCore.

By joining forces with CTI Group to provide call recording, Broadcore is now able to offer call recording on its hosted telephony service. CTI Group’s SmartRecordIP is web-based and therefore available to anyone with an Internet connection. In fact, the call can be recorded in one location and reviewed in another. Another feature of CTI Group’s call recording is that unlike some of the competitors, SmartRecordIP only records the calls that are marked to be recorded. These calls can be marked beforehand or during the duration of the call, but the calls that are not indicated to be recorded will not be recorded at all. Therefore, the customer is only charged for the calls they need and retrieval of recorded calls is much easier; in fact, retrieval is as easy as search and select.

“Broadcore’s customers enjoy and expect a unified communications and comprehensive hosted telephony service. The recording feature is an integral element of our service, which allows many businesses to utilise it for compliance, training or internal policy of archiving for adherence to business processes.” Medy Shahoveissi, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Broadcore.

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