CTP Program Upgrade due in March

Prosoft Learning who, back in 2001, together with the Telephony Industry Association (TIA), created the Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) program to solve the shortage of skilled convergence workers, has upgraded the certification.

James Stanger, Chief Certification Architect at Prosoft, now a VCampus Company, told Comms Business Magazine;

“VoIP, a disruptive technology if there ever was one, has altered the vendor landscape. Today, manufacturers and service providers such as Inter-Tel, Avaya, AT&T, Alcatel Lucent and Toshiba use CTP to educate, assess and certify thousands of convergence professionals worldwide. CTP was part of their strategy to understand and profit from the shockwaves caused by the advent of VoIP.

As with any effective convergence solution, CTP is based on recognised standards and best practices. A CTP-certified employee can rise above the vendor fray and recommend the best solutions. CTP is the foundation for a career working with equipment from multiple vendors.

CTP is updating its high-stakes certification program. Due to be released in early March, the CTP 2007 program has been designed by subject matter experts from around the world. Skills assessed include: IP network migration and planning (including subnetting), establishing QoS, choosing codecs, troubleshooting voice, data and video, wireless VoIP implementation, configuring SIP and H.323 devices and securing VoIP.

CTP solves a persistent problem: It’s even harder to find talented convergence workers today. Corporations have again turned to CTP, this time because we are the de facto standard for assessing convergence skills.

How do you get that Inter-tel 7000 to work and play well with a Cisco Catalyst? How do you ensure that employees can benefit from today’s disruptive convergence technologies? Corporations have used CTP for years to ensure their employees, channel partners, and contractors can provide the right answers. I invite you to go to www.ctpcertified.com, where you can get those answers, too.”

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