CTS Launches CloudMigrator for SMB

Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS), a Google Cloud Premier Partner and reseller of G Suite Business solutions, is launching of a new self-service cloud migration tool for the SMB, CloudMigrator Online. The solution enables organisations to carry out their own G Suite migrations through a simple five step process, removing the need for external assistance.

CloudMigrator Online requires less technical knowledge than the current iteration of the software and is being targeted at direct customers to enable them to handle their own migrations in house.

The previous version of CloudMigrator is highly regarded by Google and has migrated over 6 million users from over 87 countries to the cloud with a 99.8% success rate. As the tool required users to download a piece of software and then go through several technical steps to carry out their migration, CloudMigrator is launching the simpler service to drive more business from sub-100 user organisations that want a solution to migrate to Google without the need for specialist help.

CTS is encouraging businesses to test drive CloudMigrator Online with a free trial where they can migrate two user mailboxes to Google with unrestricted functionality.

James Doggart, CEO at Cloud Technology Solutions, said: “Our new CloudMigrator Online solution will be an important part of our offering to a market that is looking to gain the many advantages that cloud computing offers. After helping over 6 million users migrate to the cloud we recognised the opportunity to help small and medium-sized businesses that haven’t historically had the time, resources or knowledge to migrate themselves. One of the major USPs of CloudMigrator Online is that the process is simplified in a way that requires less technical knowledge. This should appeal to direct customers more, enabling them to handle their own migrations in house.

“The latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum suggests that cloud migrations are, for many, a struggle, with just 18 per cent of UK-based organisations stating that they were completely satisfied with their chosen migration methods,” James continued. “We’ve developed CloudMigrator Online to take the pain out of moving to the cloud and make it easier for organisations of all sizes to take advantage of the transformational benefits of the delivery model.”

“For us at Cloud Technology Solutions, we see the move to cloud as a ‘people transformation process’. It’s not about the technology per se, but how it enables people to change the way that they work, where they work and how they interact. Being able to access IT as-a-service opens the door to increased collaboration and more innovation, and is critical to the future success of UK plc.,” James concluded.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine