CubeiTz Delivers One Million-bit Security

CubeiTz announces the launch of a new data encryption technology for business and domestic users, which delivers an incredible one million-bit security solution – making it over 7,000 times more secure than connecting to your online bank.

Increasingly, hackers are targeting both consumers and enterprises. From celebrity pictures in iCloud to Sony Pictures entertainment, Ebay to Home Depot, the risk of data being compromised is growing. CubeiTz addresses this head on with the most powerful encryption software available – a seismic jump from the industry standards of 128 and 256-bit encryption.

Existing cryptography is very focused and specific, for example one product may protect web connections, another the files on your USB keys and another your store login details. Our solution solves this problem by building a protected area ensuring anything running within CubeiTz and anything that it’s connected to is encrypted.

The 3 main components at risk from vulnerabilities are corporate data, communications and the applications themselves.

With a patent pending on the process and the architecture, an API will be released allowing developers to create applications that fit inside the encrypted environment. We aim to make this the industry standard for protected apps, data and communications, as well as safe secure storage for important documents for domestic users such as driving licence, birth certificates, passports and account statements.

“We have been developing the product for three years and now we are ready to go to market. The timing seems all the more apt given the size of data breaches we are seeing everyday across all walks of life. CubeiTz is a solution to a very real and significant problem.” commented Mr Duke, renowned IT security expert.

Sean Kearney, Chief Executive of CubeiTz added, “Not only have we developed a product to be proud of. The opportunity is global, with the markets infinite, which is why CubeiTz have partnered with Data Select as one their chosen Sales and Distribution partners for both Enterprise and Retail customers.

Roy Taylor, Senior Vice President of Distribution for Data Select added, “CubeiTz is one of the most exciting products I’ve seen. Its applications are limitless in terms of file sharing and security, for businesses and consumers. Imagine if an employee loses a memory stick or a laptop it will no longer be the data disaster it would have been. If your laptop is stolen don’t worry about your personal data falling in to the wrong hands. And for professional organisations, share data safely without fear of it being intercepted in the cloud”.

Taylor added, “For Telecoms, Tech and IT Resellers CubeiTz is a great solution which also offers incremental revenue for resellers. The timing for data security products is now and it’s available from Data Select”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine