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Cunliffe goes after M2M Market with Pangea

Spurred on by the growth in the Machine to Machine (M2M)/ Internet of Things (IoT) market and the increased mainstream support from various sectors across the globe Dan Cunliffe, former head of Partners and Strategy of O2 Wholesale, has launched his new business Pangea.

Pangea, named after the ancient name given to the once super connected world of a single continent, provides of SMART global connectivity and applications to the M2M and IoT market.

Cunliffe says “We have invested well over six figures in this market on infrastructure and capabilities to give our partners the edge on a global scale. We have two propositions to support and drive revenue for our partners. Firstly, for those partners that are looking for a SMART global connectivity partner in the mobile data space, we are able to deliver you a simple proposition that you can combine with your existing solutions or new ones that are being created. The powerful Pangea Portal is a sophisticated provisioning, billing and diagnostics portal fully stocked with APIs if you need it. Secondly, we have turnkey solutions that many of our partners can white label or sell as a dealer directly to their market via existing distribution methods. Some of these solutions include a nationwide CCTV solution, highly sophisticated Fleet and Telematics management solution, Mobile Wide Area Networks with more available as we progress. We also understand the ability to offer these services as either a public or private service and can support you with both these options.”

Cunliffe and his team have already secured several partner relationships, large fleet management companies and some key market players to use their network and solutions. “The response from the channel has been great and we are in talks with several more leading players in the market to seize the opportunity. The people who have worked with us in the past have shown that same level of support for Pangea and hence we have been able to demonstrate our capability across a variety of sectors.” says Cunliffe.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine