Customers Prefer Contact Centre Resolutions

According to a survey of UK consumers by Firstsource Solutions, over 40% say that their main method of solving a query with their mobile network provider is by a phone call to a customer service agent.

The survey also shows that 11% of consumers say they prefer to visit their network provider’s high street store to problem solve.

The digital channel has yet to be accepted as a route to solve mobile phone issues:

•five per cent use webchat
•five per cent use online FAQs
•four per cent use online forums
•two per cent use social media

Despite the slow take-up of digital channels being used to solve queries, the survey shows that when customers use these digital channels, they find the experience highly satisfactory.
Over 60% of those who used webchat to solve a query describe it as quicker than a phone call or email. A total of 42 per cent of those that have used social media to solve a query describe it as useful when solving queries – with only 11% describing it as unhelpful.

Iain Regan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Client Services at Firstsource, said:
“There is no doubt that human interaction is vital to create a real connection with consumers. This survey shows that, despite the availability of alternative channels, the contact centre with real people on the phone remains one of the key means of providing customer service.

“The key challenge for telcos is to complement the voice channel with additional channels such as webchat, social media and online forums to help provide the bespoke level of service that today’s customers, who are increasingly short on time and patience, now expect. This survey shows that when telcos offer these new channels, consumers tend to respond well to them.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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