Customers Take a View on Thus Network

THUS has enhanced its Managed Network Services portfolio with the launch of Network View, an alarm based Customer Network Management tool. Offering instant access to alarms and events via an online portal, Network View allows customers to have greater control and visibility of their network status, while THUS remotely diagnoses the root cause of faults, leading to more efficient resolution.

THUS say they are the first operator in the UK to offer this level of near real-time reporting, with MPLS IPVPN and National Ethernet services, and its launch echoes high market demand for transparent network reporting. Network View allows customers to monitor their systems for critical events and alerts customers if performance falls below set thresholds. Customer sites can be displayed in a hierarchical network topology according to size, type of network or geographical location. This allows customers to immediately observe alarms, track faults and manage customer expectations.

Network View gives businesses the reassurance that should they experience network downtime, they have access to the necessary tools to identify faults quickly, minimising disruption to day-to-day business. Alarms are categorised according to their severity. Critical event alarms include ‘connection unavailability’ and ‘back-up circuit bandwidth in use’ while warning alarms include situations where average capacity utilisation is above an agreed percentage, proactively alerting customers and giving them additional time to resolve situations before serious issues occur.

Businesses today use a single, converged network which is instrumental to the effective day-to-day operations, integrating several communication infrastructures, services and IT applications onto this next-generation network solution. In order to meet strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, end-to-end access to the network performance is critical.

Nigel Stevens, Product Director at THUS plc commented: “In today’s converged world, the network is effectively the life blood of any business. Network View responds to the customer’s demand for transparent network reporting and is recognition of how important we believe it is for customers to see their network’s performance and status. As businesses become increasingly reliant on their network, we will continue to enhance our product offering to ensure we fully meet customers’ needs and maintain THUS’s reputation for innovation and excellent customer service.”

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