CWU Response to BT offer

The Communication Workers Union has received a revised offer from BT. CWU is disappointed that there is no material improvement in the pay offer for this year but has written to the company indicating a willingness to meet to discuss the revised offer on the assumption there is scope for significantly improving the 2 per cent increase in base pay in settlement of the 2010 pay claim. Until any real progress is made, CWU will press ahead with balloting members on industrial action.

Andy Kerr, CWU deputy general secretary, said: “We’re very disappointed that BT’s revised offer remains materially unchanged for this year in terms of pay.

“As we’ve made clear, 2 per cent is unacceptable for our members as it does not reflect the reward they expect given the contribution they have made to cost savings of £1.75 billion and profits of over £1bn. In addition, inflation is at 5.3 per cent and staff are comparing this offer with the large salary rises and bonuses for senior executives which expose the blatant double standards being adopted by the company when it comes to remuneration.

“BT’s decision to leak their offer to the media today has also raised trust issues for us with the company. We will meet BT to discuss whether an improved offer exists but we will continue to press ahead with plans to ballot our members on industrial action in the absence of any real progress on pay.”

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