CWU Urges Vodafone to Invest in Workforce

Welcoming Vodafone’s strong financial results issued today (Tuesday) the Communication Workers Union urges the company to invest in the workforce and share the success with staff as well as shareholders.

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr said: “We welcome these strong results for Vodafone after a difficult economic year, however we’re unhappy that some of this success has come at the cost of penny pinching in the UK.

“Vodafone staff in the UK have suffered hundreds of job losses as well as outsourcing of key customer services, such as the Vodafone site in Warrington, together with a new performance management regime this year. It’s one thing to do this when the company is facing hard times, but it’s another altogether when you’re doing it to increase profits and payouts to shareholders.

“We’d like to see Vodafone reward staff who have helped to deliver these successful results by offering a decent pay rise and job security. If they can afford 7 per cent for shareholders then staff should also get that.

“It’s important that staff at Vodafone have a fair working environment where they are respected and rewarded. The best way to achieve that is through coming together in union membership with the CWU. Staff are among the company’s most important assets and it’s important that Vodafone recognises that and treats them accordingly.”

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