D-Link Launch New Router for Business

In order to increase productivity, businesses are looking at how to securely and reliably connect branch offices and remote workers to the corporate network, while meeting the requirements of stringent IT budgets. To help customers respond to these challenges D-Link has launched the DSR-1000N Unified Services Router to offer businesses secure networking across multiple branches.

Traditionally, branch offices have been tethered to fixed networks with limited security for connecting back to the main network. The DSR-1000N offers comparable performance to traditional wired networks and is an ideal solution for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to wirelessly connect their branch offices and remote workers in a secure manner. D-Link’s DSR-1000N comprehensive ‘out-of-the-box’ security features enable the creation of a fully-featured Virtual Private Network (VPN) engine, providing remote users and branch offices with encrypted links for secure access to central resources. Coupled with an enterprise-class, subscription-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), the DSR-1000N safeguards against zero-day network attacks.

The DSR-1000N boasts an impressive range of energy-saving features, including a WLAN Scheduler for power saving and enhanced security during off-peak hours. Furthermore, intelligent green Ethernet technology provides intelligence calculates the length of cables connected to the router, so only the minimum amount of energy is used. These power-saving features not only reduce electricity costs but also extend the life of the router and other connected devices.

By integrating a dualband Wireless N access point and supporting 3G mobile connectivity via a D-Link 3G USB dongle, the DSR-1000N delivers best-in-class business recovery in case of loss of Internet connectivity. An additional USB port is also available for connecting and sharing a printer or a USB hard drive over the network. The DSR-1000N also offers load balancing and fault tolerance for networks that provide critical services, guaranteeing round-the-clock connectivity in the event of an internet connection failure.

Chris Davies, General Manager, D-Link UK & Ireland, said: “Businesses need to provide employees with secure remote access to the corporate network, regardless of location or device. Not only will our new router offer secure remote connectivity for businesses, but through the 3G-based back-up data connection, it offers a robust and cost-effective level of business continuity. Moreover, the DSR-1000N has a number of high-end energy-saving features and is also fully compliant with IPv6 networks, meaning that there will be no requirement for businesses to replace their routers while upgrading from IPv4 to IPv6 in the future.”

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