D-Link Unveils Entry-Level Managed Switches for Small Businesses

D-Link has announced a new series of DES-1100 EasySmart switches designed they says to provide SMEs with an affordable way to manage the rising data volumes passing through their networks. The EasySmart series is part of D-Link’s growing range of Smart switches. The Smart family has been developed to sit between the company’s unmanaged and fully-managed switches, to provide businesses with the benefits of a managed device but without the associated complexity and cost.

“EasySmart is a good first step for SMEs taking the journey from moving from an unmanaged to a managed network environment,” said Chris Davies, General Manager, D-Link UK & Ireland. “Many SMEs are finding that as their network traffic grows, the simple connectivity of an unmanaged switch is insufficient, but at the same time they don’t have the expertise, budget or resources for a managed solution. Our EasySmart switches aim to address this by providing SMEs with a solution that can be plugged straight into their network and automatically provides them with easy-to-use network management functionality.”

The company says EasySmart switches are ideal for smaller networks and those businesses with limited in-house resources. The EasySmart switches offer a range of easy-to-configure features to help SMEs prioritise and segregate network traffic, manage bandwidth effectively and quickly troubleshoot network problems. All of which can help ensure that SMEs are able to provide their employees with the best network experience possible.

“We see our EasySmart series as a great opportunity for our channel partners to offer SMEs more reliable networks without the need for their customers to invest in management skills. Compared to similar solutions available on the market, EasySmart offers more functionality and greater performance. By working very closely with the channel, we aim to ensure that SMEs have the very best technology available to them to address their networking challenges both now and in the future, regardless of their budget,” added Chris Davies.

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