Daisy Distribution Launches New Handset Swap Scheme

Launched on 1st May Daisy Distribution is making a new swap out scheme available to its partners on all its SIM-free handsets. 24 hour replacement guarantees are often a deal breaker for businesses as being out of contact can me extremely detrimental to operational efficiency. Is this standard practise now though? Either way it’s a sensible weapon for the kit bag of any dealer.

The new 24/24 Handset Swap Out system will allow customers to receive a replacement handset within 24 hours of reporting a warranty fault throughout their 24 month handset warranty period.

By simply filling out a form from the Daisy Partner Portal and emailing it through, the customer can perform a direct swap at their site within a 24 hour window. Swap request forms received before noon will be processed that day, and any after that time will be dispatched the following working day.

Julien Parven, Marketing Director at Daisy Distribution, says: “At Daisy Distribution we are known in the industry for our airtime service; however we want to make people more aware of the purchasing power that we have when it comes to our handsets. This part of our business is a key growth area for 2013 and we want to add as much additional value into our handset sales category as possible.

“Through agreements with all our handset manufacturer partners we are not only able to grow our devices offering, but our partners will also have the ability to pass this service down to their customers and grow their own SIM-free category.

“We understand how important mobile devices are to customers and the running of their businesses. With this in mind we wanted to provide a warranty scheme which would cause end users the least amount of disruption, and we believe that is what our 24/24 Handset Swap Out service achieves.”

Partners will be able to utilise a slide deck and terms and conditions to promote the service to their customers and bring additional value to their end customer service wrap. Marketing material can also be supplied by Daisy Distribution to provide additional support.

Within Daisy Distribution’s wider SIM-free sales category, an in-house service and repair facility complements the 24/24 Handset Swap Out service handling all ‘out of warranty’ repair requests.

Handset purchases from Daisy Distribution by partners which are made after 1st May will automatically enter into the applicable 24 month warranty period from the date of purchase.

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