Daisy Distribution Offer Free Tablet to Partners

Daisy Distribution is offering partners the chance to get their hands on a free 4G-enabled tablet accompanied by a 12 months free Microsoft Lync voucher, to mark the launch of its digital commercial proposition pack.

The Ipswich-based firm has launched its new interactive guide, which offers partners real-time access to all Daisy Distribution’s tariff information and propositions, in a move designed to improve the partner experience.

To mark the launch, Daisy Distribution is offering partners that take out a 24 month 8GB mobile broadband plan a free 4G-enabled, 64GB ASUS VivoTab tablet, as well as a 12 months free Microsoft Lync voucher, subject to them taking an Enterprise 365 license. Partners that take out the 3GB 24 month plan will pay a one-off £50 cost to receive the same benefits.

The Lync voucher offer is another part of the firm’s wider campaign to raise awareness of its Office 365 packages, which include collaborative tools such as HD video conferencing and instant messaging.

Julien Parven, Marketing Director of Daisy Distribution, said “Although we feel we already have a healthy relationship with our partners, we wanted to improve the way we engaged with them. Previously partners would have to print off hundreds of pieces of paper or download our latest proposition pack, which meant they may be using inaccurate or outdated information.

“Through creating an interactive proposition guide, easily accessible through our Daisy portal, we are able to update the pack in real time, ensuring partners always have the latest information.

“To coincide with the re-launched guide, we are encouraging partners to access the new guide by taking out a mobile broadband package, which will qualify them to receive a free tablet and Lync voucher, allowing them to access the latest version from wherever they may be. We anticipate that the voucher will be another vehicle to encourage adoption of the full Microsoft Office 365 package.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine