Daisy Distribution Offer Oktober Bierfest Incentive

Daisy Distribution is set to reward its top handset purchasing partners with a touch of German hospitality in its latest Nokia distribution incentive.

Running from 1st May to 31st July, the top eight purchasing partners of Nokia Lumia devices across all variants will be given a place of the Company’s trip to London’s Oktober Bierfest this autumn.

This latest incentive comes as one of a series of Nokia handset promotions that Daisy Distribution is set to run this year as part of its ambition to increase the Lumia share of its smartphone business.
To qualify, partners simply need to continue to purchase their Nokia Lumia handsets from Daisy Distribution and be one of the top performers in the outlined period.

Julien Parven, Marketing Director at Daisy Distribution, says: “While the reward for this promotion is very light-hearted, the principle behind it is very much part of our strategic plan to align ourselves with Nokia and to assist and encourage partners in the adoption of the Lumia smartphone range.

“The device range offers something for every business customer and dovetails perfectly with our other initiatives of promoting Office 365 as a secondary, complimentary product to our airtime services.
“We want to educate and inform partners on the Lumia experience while ensuring that we thank those with whose support we can achieve our objectives.”

“Known primarily as an airtime distributor, we also want to remind our partners that we have a very strong handset sales division to support the core business.”

The promotion includes all models of Nokia Lumia devices and applies to all network variants as well as SIM-free.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine