Daisy Group Backs Servassure for Success

Servassure is the new kid on the block at rapidly expanding Daisy Group Plc.

The Harlow-based business joined Daisy as part of the acquisition of AT Communications at the beginning of August and has been pinpointed as a source for growth and future success.

Daisy Group CEO Matthew Riley admits the company has been the hidden gem after the purchase of ATC out of administration, and says categorically the Group has no intention of disposing of this precious find.

With the management team still in place, Peter Orr and Ian Massingham are driving the channel-focused business with direction, financial support and leadership.

Servassure is a fully independent third party service provider to channel partners in the UK ICT market. It was established with the objective of providing traditional and IP-based carrier and engineering services with a 100% channel focus.

The company’s services are packaged for indirect consumption in resale, distribution and wholesale, and following financial investment from Daisy Group, the business is being backed to flourish.

Having been separated out the former AT Communications Group, Servassure is now its own limited company, with its own premises and its own dedicated staff. And importantly, it is completely channel-focused.

Matthew Riley, CEO of Daisy Group, said the opportunity for the Servassure business became apparent following the purchase of ATC.

“Having had time to look at the business in more detail we quickly realised the previous direction and leadership of Servassure was taking the company down a cul-de-sac,” he said.

“We have empowered the directors, invigorated the brand and separated the business out.

“We recognised the market opportunity for anyone that needs engineering or technical services, fulfilment, professional services or maintenance. Servassure can ensure that a company’s sales force need never walk away from a maintenance opportunity and offer a truly compelling proposition.”

And with the backing of the Daisy Group, Servassure’s Peter Orr and Ian Massingham are ready to build on the company’s rich heritage and push forward with a greater proposition to resellers, delivering on a very clear plan that is understood across all areas of the business.

Peter Orr said: “We are really looking to move Servassure forward and build on the success that we had last year. With the strong financial backing we have received from Daisy Group Plc the channel will see us offering more engineering capabilities and more reach in the marketplace.

“It is also important that we deliver our strong capabilities and propositions and continue to drive the Daisy ethos of service quality and consistency, ensuring this business will continue to grow.”

And Orr believes the potential in the business is there for all to see, strengthened by the backing of the new owners.

“We already boast a depth of technical resources that are to be rivalled in the UK channel. We have engineers who are trained and accredited on an extremely wide range of vendor products, able to deliver a complete suite of engineering and technical services,” he said.

“I now see the potential for this business to become bigger and stronger. With the Daisy board committed to us I am confident we will be able to make some bold announcements to the market with new promotions and services and of course some notable contract wins.”

And Matthew Riley agrees wholeheartedly.

“For resellers that may have to cut back in the current climate, Servassure will play an integral role.

“I believe this business was a hidden gem within what we purchased from ATC. We are giving our full backing to Peter Orr and Ian Massingham to make Servassure realise its potential and continue to flourish, becoming the huge success we know it can be.”

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