Daisy is going for gold

A battle of the sexes has commenced at a local telecoms firm as two teams compete in The Prince’s Trust Going for Gold challenge.

Going for Gold is the official sports fundraising challenge of The Prince’s Trust and Daisy will compete against other local businesses to raise the highest amount of money in the North West.

Daisy decided to go the extra mile and add some friendly competition into the mix, pitching one male and one female team head-to-head.

Rebecca Cocker from the ‘pink’ team came out fighting, saying: “Our activities are much more fun than the boys’ and we have some great prizes for our balloon race and bowling night.

“Our 10k charity run on Halloween earned us some very valuable donations and we have bags of ideas for fun and affordable activities right up to March.

“We can’t wait until Easter when we are certain we will have beat the boys hands down!”

James McDonough from the ‘blue’ team was more tactical. He said: “The boys team are taking each event one at a time; after all it is a marathon and not a sprint.

“Good luck to the girls. They have started really well and have so far come up with some good events. They also look to have raised a lot of money, but can they keep this up?

“I think we have quite a few aces up our sleeve though and the experience we have on our team in raising money for charity and arranging social events will prove to be priceless. As will our contacts.

“As always in sport I would like to say ‘may the best team win’. I would therefore like to offer my commiserations in advance to the girls. No doubt they will continue to do a sterling job for a worthy cause. Every little helps after all!”

The Going for Gold competition runs from October to March, giving the teams six months to run a series of events that will bring in the cash.

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