Daisy Launch Maximiser – An Exit Strategy for Resellers

Maximiser is a new initiative reward programme from daisy which has been designed exclusively for resellers looking to exit their business in a secure and profitable manner.

Matt Riley, CEO at Daisy says that the state of uncertainty in the market means now more than ever, resellers are or should be considering an exit strategy.

“Maximiser has been created to offer resellers who are considering exiting the market an attractive buy-out after a fixed period. It rewards loyalty and commitment by presenting greater pay-outs for those partners committed to driving new business.

Selling your business is one of the most important professional decisions you are ever going to make. It is likely that you only get one chance at getting it right so you need to ensure that you achieve the best possible price to completely satisfy your personal objectives. Daisy understands the resale market and continues its support of small to medium sized resellers, by creating this comprehensive package that accurately addresses the unique needs of this customer base.”

Riley believes that the telecoms market has always been particularly volatile. The uncertainty that VoIP and convergence presents is creating even more unpredictability.

“Maximiser is a contract between Daisy and the reseller over an 18 month period which enables a reseller to sell his future gross profit stream for a guaranteed one-off lump sum payment. Our partnership approach and the Maximiser proposition put the reseller in complete control because it is the reseller who determines the value of their end pay-out.

Daisy says that they are prepared to buy resellers now as well as the option given to resellers who want to grow before selling.

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