Daisy launches carbon footprint calculator

Daisy is encouraging businesses to think green after launching its own carbon calculator and offsetting service.

Working with the Carbon Advice Group, Daisy has already offset 255 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the total of the annual emissions created by its everyday business practices.

Daisy is now inviting other UK businesses to follow suit and has introduced a range of carbon calculators on its website to encourage others to calculate, reduce and offset their own carbon footprint.

Daisy provides telecommunications services to more than 35,000 business customers and earlier in the year took the decision to become carbon neutral.

This move complements a number of eco-friendly and energy efficient business practices already employed at the company with Daisy choosing to compensate for its ‘dirty’ energy usage by purchasing carbon credits from a number of ‘clean’ and renewable energy projects.

Daisy is now encouraging other businesses to think about their impact on the environment and offset some or all of the carbon they emit.
Stuart Cordingley, director of product and marketing, said: “We are taking our environmental obligations seriously and we are keen to encourage others to do the same. Climate change is emerging as a major challenge for modern society. Government, business, and wider society will all be affected. All of us have a role to play in tackling it.

“Working with the Carbon Advice Group Plc, we have created a simple and effective way for the business community to find out their own carbon footprint and to do something about it, there and then” he continued.

Matthew Sullivan, CEO of Carbon Advice Group, commended Daisy Communications on its positive action to deal with its carbon emissions and to encourage others to do likewise. “We are delighted that Daisy Communications is taking such clear, positive action to deliver a carbon reduction and offsetting message to their customers, stakeholders and staff,” he said. “Daisy Communications are leading from the front in the way they are spreading this vital awareness.”

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