Daisy Launches New Money Match Promotion

While others may be scratching around in their pockets for loose change following the mad month of December, daisy’s partners are feeling rather flush.

The Lancashire-based communications provider chose the New Year to launch its new Money Match promotion to business partners.

This offer enables them to earn extra commission by growing their current business with daisy by £2,000 from the beginning of January to the end of March.

Mark Hickey, director of channel partners, said: “The offer is really simple. The business partner gives us two grand and we match it £1 for £1. For example, if a business partner’s current billing revenue with daisy is £1,000 and they increase this to £3,001 before the end of our three month promotion, we give them £2,001 commission as well as their usual commission.”

Daisy say their offer has already caused excitement among their existing partners and is now creating a wave of interest among prospective partners.

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