Daisy Launches Partner Programme

Daisy has officially launched its partner programme with all the company’s channel initiatives now encompassed in the programme, designed to bring together the services and support Daisy provides to business partners and resellers, as well as the initiatives it uses to reward partner loyalty.

Over the past few weeks a teaser campaign has been run by the communications company aimed at channel partners, tempting them to learn more about the programme and daisy’s channel dedication.

“The campaign was launched to first of all raise the awareness of Daisy,” said the company’s director of channel partners Mark Hickey, who has been with the company since its conception.

“And in order for Daisy to drive new partner leads and maintain loyalty in its existing partner base, the partner programme was designed to promote the benefits of working with Daisy and the broad portfolio of products the company offers,” he said.

With no direct sales force and a 100% commitment to the channel, Daisy created the attractive proposal to support its existing partners, promoting a strategic partnership with daisy, while at the same time appealing to prospective partners.

On April 1st Daisy launched its microsite advertised through the ‘Find your perfect partner’ literature, produced without using any company branding.

Hickey said: “We really wanted to send something out without any company branding in the hope that people would want to find out more.

“The microsite, which people were led to, was created specifically to host all the information partners, both existing and prospective, would need to know about the programme. The marketing angle we took was a bit different as none of Daisy’s competitors had gone as far to create such a quirky campaign.”

Through extensive marketing support the partner programme provides the tools for partners to drive new business, including access to professional point-of-sale information to help position Daisy and the full portfolio of products available. This includes joint marketing where business partners are helped to target specific vertical and geographic customer bases with a joint daisy/partner message.

Resellers are provided with a broad selection of white label material based on Daisy retail literature that is available on an interactive CD, providing the opportunity to create marketing literature quickly and cost-effectively.

Partners are also given access to a team of marketing professionals including a dedicated channel marketing executive and in-house graphic designer who provide support to make the most of the material.

The company has also re-launched a number of motivating incentives to business partners including the successful ‘Cash for Connections’ promotion, where up-front commissions for free installations are given away. And recently launched is Daisy’s “Cash for Transfers” where partners are given generous up-front commission for line transfers.

Added to this are the new “flexiplan fixed” tariffs, a new competitive offering for business partners to take to the market. Designed to give increased flexibility in both tariffs and line rentals, partners have the ability to structure a deal that suits their customer and have control over their commission, allowing them to capitalise on every deal.

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