Daisy Partners Tempted with the “Cash Accelerator” Offer

daisy is offering business partners the chance to boost their income with its new Cash Accelerator promotion which they say lays down the gauntlet, giving partners the opportunity to receive generous up-front commissions, while still receiving their regular residual commission payments.

The new offer comes off the back of other successful daisy “upfront” commission offers and daisy’s head of retail sales, Chris Burney, believes the latest proposition is a lucrative one for partners.

“If partners grow their business by more than £500 daisy will match them pound-for-pound,” he said.

“The offer is also is uncapped, so the more our partners grow, the more money we will pay them. And in addition they will still benefit from their regular commission payments.

“Whether they are currently billing £0, £100 or £1,000, by increasing their billing by £500 we will give £500 back. And that is just the minimum requirement. If a partner brings in more, whatever the value, this will be matched pound for pound.”

And Burney believes Cash Accelerator is the latest example of how daisy is helping smaller business partners maximise their earnings in what is a difficult climate.

He said: “Often some smaller organisations struggle to grow their businesses due to the sheer size of the figures involved in some promotions. Cash Accelerator doesn’t discriminate against the size of company and offers a reduced threshold for partners to make a gain, really giving smaller businesses opportunity to maximise revenue.”

The promotion runs from March until May, 2009.

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