Daisy says ‘goodbye’ to Tony Dixon

A popular Daisy character is swapping telecoms for a life on the ocean wave. Tony Dixon, one of the company’s founder directors, has left the business after seven successful years at the firm.

Commercial Director Tony joined Daisy after 32 years of service with the NHS, having originally joined as an ambulance technician before working his way through various jobs, eventually becoming acting director of operations for the Ambulance Service.

It was following early retirement from this role that he intended to provide part-time consultancy to Daisy founder Matthew Riley. However, this plan went slightly awry, and a successful business head and years of experience saw him appointed as one of Daisy’s original team of directors in 2001.

He soon became an integral member of the team and was instrumental in helping the company grow and achieve phenomenal success. And reflecting on this tenure, he admits it is a peculiar to be stepping down.

Tony said: “It feels strange to be leaving a company that I have been involved in from the beginning. The Daisy I knew at the beginning was an office based in a small windowless weaving shed with water running down the walls. It was cold, horrible, dank, and back then there were no more than half a dozen people working there.

“To come from there and watch that ‘baby’ grow to what it has become now is quite a journey. There are now well over 200 people involved with this company and I am very proud to have been a part of building it.”

As well as enjoying the company’s achievements over the last few years, Tony has also had much personal success. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a second Master of Laws degree, specialising in business and employment law.

He also sat on the member board for the telecommunications’ ombudsman Otelo, a position that underlined both his and Daisy’s reputation in the industry.

So it is with a sense of pride that he is now able to reflect on a successful career and call time on full-time employment and finally retire. And with plans to spend time with his family and indulge in his favourite pastime of sailing, several foreign jaunts have already been booked in for the remainder of 2009 and a new vessel earmarked.

Daisy CEO Matthew Riley has paid tribute to his friend and colleague, “Tony has been at my side throughout his tenure at daisy. “He has always and will always be there as a sounding block of reason, a cool head and a person you can’t help feel proud to know. I have been honoured to work with such a gentleman. I wish him well for the future and look forward to receiving an invite on to his boat for a gin and tonic!”

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