Daisy Spring Cleans 255 Tonnes of CO2

Daisy Communications has started the new financial year with a business defining statement: to become the first ‘carbon neutral’ telecoms service provider.

Working alongside the Carbon Advice Group Plc, Daisy is looking to actively reduce its carbon emissions and has committed to offsetting its remaining carbon footprint.

The move complements a number of eco-friendly and energy efficient business practices already employed at the company and Daisy has chosen to offset its remaining carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits from a number of clean, renewable energy projects from around the world.

Daisy provides telecommunications services to more than 35,000 business customers and having listened closely to the regular feedback it receives from its base, the company has taken the decision to become carbon neutral.

CEO Matthew Riley said: “Daisy Communications takes its environmental obligations seriously and we are proud to do as much as we can to reduce our impact on our surroundings. We are delighted to be able to report to our customers, business partners and staff that we will continue to have nothing but the highest environmental credentials.

“Working with the Carbon Advice Group Plc, Daisy Communications has created an effective strategy to reduce and offset its carbon footprint – we hope that our customers recognise the value of our actions.”

To coincide with its announcement, Daisy Communications held a “Green Day” at its Lancashire offices, with staff encouraged to ditch their cars and make their way to work in a more environmentally friendly way, rewarded with breakfasts and eco-prizes.

Matthew Sullivan, CEO of Carbon Advice Group Plc, commended Daisy Communications on its positive action to reduce and offset its carbon emissions.

“We are delighted that Daisy Communications is taking such clear, positive action to reduce and offset the unavoidable emissions of their everyday actions,” he said.

“Daisy Communications has taken the carbon reduction and offsetting message to their customers, stakeholders and staff and have chosen to play a lead role in spreading that awareness.“

Daisy Communications and Carbon Advice Group Plc have developed an ongoing programme to encourage others to calculate, reduce and offset their own carbon footprint. Full details will be announced shortly – watch this space!

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