Daisy Wholesale backs ADSL24’s FTTC campaign

Saddleworth-based ADSL24 has successfully lobbied BT to move its district up the list of UK destinations set to be upgraded with fibre optic cables over the next five years.

Working with Daisy Wholesale as its aggregator, ADSL24 has long been able to offer superfast fibre optic broadband from local exchanges and cabinets which have been upgraded, such as Oldham, Ashton, Stalybridge and Glossop.

Now, thanks to its campaigning, supported by Daisy Wholesale, Saddleworth, including Delph where ADSL24 is based, is also well on its way to having its fibre cabinets live by the end of September 2011.

Daisy Wholesale Managing Director Carl Churchill commented: “This is a fantastic example of how working with your aggregator can help resellers to distinguish themselves in the market.

“For Daisy Wholesale, it’s not just about providing our resellers with the right products and services. We work in collaboration with them to create uniqueness in both our proposition and what they can offer their target audience.

“We’re here to help them develop opportunities to make them appear unique in what is potentially a crowded market.”

Daisy Wholesale backed the campaign by providing ADSL24 with support in terms of theory, marketing and finance.

Churchill added: “ADSL24 have been working hard on new ideas to generate business and are the people with the local knowledge, whilst Daisy Wholesale has been able to provide that much-needed background support and the infrastructure to deliver their requirements.

“Since ADSL24 launched “Fibre for Saddleworth”, an initiative to sign-up customers local to their offices, they have managed to get 500 pre-registrations for when the service goes lives in September, which is a genuine result.”

ADSL24 are already having to warn Saddleworth customers that the service will be available on a first come first served basis and are encouraging them to register their interest for fibre broadband as soon as possible. Each new fibre cabinet comes with a maximum number of 288 connections, compared with the older cabinets which had at least three times this amount.

The next generation of broadband connectivity on the Daisy Wholesale network will enable ADSL24 to offer its customers leading services, including improved speeds of up to 40Mbit/s download and up to 10Mbit/s upload speeds.

James Wood, Technical Director at ADSL, commented: “When you consider the broadband currently available in Saddleworth reaches maximum speeds of 8Mb, upgrading them to fibre broadband is going to make an enormous difference to the people working and living there.

“Saddleworth not only has a strong local identity but a thriving business community too. New technology means increasing numbers of people are running their own small businesses either at home or in Saddleworth offices and fast internet speeds can be critical to them. We support our customers locally; no overseas call centres. It’s about great product and great service.”

Continuing to work with Daisy Wholesale, ADSL24 are now hoping to broaden the concept of fibre broadband into other local villages and towns as they become enabled for Fibre to the Cabinet. They are already looking to roll-out the service to a further three areas.

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