Daisy Wholesale launches TalkTalk Business Ethernet First Mile

Daisy Wholesale has introduced TalkTalk Business’ Ethernet First Mile (EFM) product to its growing portfolio of connectivity.
The product is introduced at a time when resellers are being urged to upgrade from legacy SDSL services, that will be retired over the next two years to next generation access, with EFM offering faster speeds and better service level options to the outgoing product. Resellers have a wide range of speed options available to them ranging from 2Mbit up to 20Mbit available.

Regardless of size, businesses are now requiring greater bandwidth. And with businesses looking for leased line or SDSL replacements, or looking to grow network capacity, EFM fills the gap between traditional broadband services and more costly fibre-based Ethernet. Suitably priced for businesses that are outgrowing their existing broadband connectivity, EFM has inherent resilience with multiple copper pairs and is therefore suitable for business critical applications and is a great foundation for converged services and unified communications.

Daisy Wholesale’s Operations Director, Paul Richens, said: “With BT’s 20CN progressively entering a sun-set period, now is the time for resellers to upgrade their customers to a service that delivers a higher speed and a more resilient connectivity service.

“EFM offers the perfect solution for businesses that want to make the most of VOIP, VPN and video conferencing, all of which can be very sensitive to latency, leading to poor voice quality, buffering and other issues over a traditional broadband connection.

“The upgrade to EFM is not only a future necessity but a great opportunity for up sell to your customer base and provides you with great margin earning opportunities.”

Following a network investment of more than £600 million, the provider is now able to offer EFM services from 2,050 enabled exchanges with ambitious plans to increase its Ethernet presence to 2,500 exchanges by the end of the year. Consequently, TalkTalk Business provides Daisy Wholesale with the most penetrating network reach available in the UK and has become a market leader in this data space.

Lance Spencer, Director of Connectivity Services at TalkTalk Business, said: “Our EFM service is among the most cost-effective and resilient available and includes a compelling seven hour SLA. By utilising the unrivalled reach of our Next Generation Network, which represents 93 per cent of the UK business population, Daisy Wholesale has been able to enhance their portfolio with a market leading EFM proposition.”

The new EFM product can be quoted for through Daisy Wholesale’s market leading XPS platform, providing a single interface into multiple carrier vendors. In addition, Daisy Wholesale’s project management team provide complete peace of mind when provisioning new services or while migrating existing end users over to this new service, fully supported by TalkTalk Business’s dedicated go-live team.

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