Datacom Launches Visual Meetings Service

Datacom, the conferencing and network specialists, has launch their ‘Visual Meetings’ web, video and multimedia collaboration service.

Visual Meetings allows users to conference quickly and easily, wherever they are – at home, their desks, the board room or on the move. Users can share documents, record events, and live stream to the web or archive and stream, point-to-point or multi-point events. The system is easy to use and requires no booking or central management.

“Visual Meetings bridges boundaries on all fronts”, says Jocelyn Lomer, MD Datacom. “Multipoint conferences are set up, bridged and managed without a thought; technological boundaries are bridged, with automatic linking of old and new technologies; organisational boundaries are bridged across firewalls; and global boundaries are bridged because it’s phenomenally cost-effective, compared with either business travel or dialling in over the public network.”

The company says Visual Meetings overcomes the issues which stop people using video and web conferencing more. Complicated systems, which have to be booked in advance, simply don’t get used. Visual Meetings follows the same model as audio conferencing – just e-mail delegates a time, an address, a conference number and PIN, and away you go.

In today’s market, all organisations have to optimise their greatest assets – their internal knowledge and expertise. With Visual Meetings, global knowledge can be harnessed and shared, quickly and easily. Product development teams can meet to discuss a world beating new product design; remote sales teams can regularly share best practice and update each other on sales in the pipeline. Anyone missing the live conference simply views the recorded version of events.

“Companies that continue to turn a blind eye to the benefits of conferencing and collaboration must wake up, or find they lose out to faster moving competitors” says Lomer. “Visual Meetings lets users meet, discuss, develop and share documents, face-to-face around the world, in real-time, without any loss of travel time or money. How can any company not understand the competitive advantage?”

Visual Meetings covers all the bases – reservationless conferencing, broadcasting, recording, streaming and content sharing, as well as multipoint bridging. Users are treated to a simple and easy-to-use service, requiring minimal training for either joining or leading a conference.

Marc McIntyre Marketing Director says “Easy to use, high quality conferencing, available anywhere – the hyped up promises of video conferencing are finally being delivered. Now datacom has opened the door to the virtual room, it’s time everyone came in.”

Visual Meetings is an easy to use, high quality, reservationless conferencing and multimedia collaboration service, allowing users to conference, broadcast, stream and present content, over the web or via video conferencing devices. It bridges IP, ISDN and web technologies and, as users dial into an external server, enables cross-organisational conferencing, without any of the normal issues associated with organisational firewalls.

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