Datanomic and hybris unite to solve problems in multi-channel retailing

Enterprise Data Management and Risk & Compliance screening specialist, Datanomic, has announced a strategic, global OEM agreement with multi-channel commerce software vendor, hybris.

By integrating Datanomic’s dn:Director, hybris will enable customers operating through multiple channels – such as retail stores, eCommerce sites, mobile phone apps, and catalogues – to improve the accuracy and reliability of their Single View of Product and Content, by cleansing, validating and standardising data in batch and real time. By automatically identifying and resolving underlying issues within both existing and incoming new data, dn:Director is able to improve accuracy, reliability and visibility – significantly increasing both profitability and operational agility.

hybris provides a complete multi-channel commerce software solution that integrates product content, commerce operations and the extended channel to help retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses create a unified and seamless cross-channel experience for their customers – from online, to in-store, to printed documents, to mobile and beyond.

dn:Director allows hybris users to gain instant insight on new data feeds, preventing blind loading of low quality data into the existing data pool. It also adds data cleansing and transformation to the hybris solution, to ensure product data is fit-for-purpose for uploading, and protects existing data through validation rules to filter out low quality data from new feeds in both real time and batch. Executives are also able to publish KPIs and metrics to web dashboards to control and monitor data quality.

“The creation of an accurate and reliable Single View of Product and Content is the holy grail for multi-channel retailers,” said Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris. “Our partnership with Datanomic means our customers can directly address, in real time, fundamental data issues that inhibit profitability for retailers – such as lack of search tags, code duplications, erroneous global product classifications, incomplete dimensions, pack quantities, and shipping weights.”

Jeremy Lovett, Vice President Data Management Applications for Datanomic, added, “Following the launch of our two new dedicated solutions for the retail sector – dn:Director for eCommerce and dn:Director for Supply Chain – our partnership with hybris means we are able to further expand our global footprint in the multi-channel retail and supply chain sectors. By enabling companies to eliminate inefficiency, inconsistency, cost and delays, we can dramatically impact profitability, loyalty, customer lifetime value and competitive advantage.”

Described by industry analysts as “arguably the most flexible data quality product,” Datanomic’s dn:Director provides a single, unified platform that enables both business and IT personnel, such as data stewards, business analysts and owners of data, to identify and rectify compromised data which can place operations at risk. As a single product that encompasses profiling, analysis and transformation, dn:Director enables better understanding, improvement, protection and control of data quality for all types of structured and non-structured, real-time and non-real time information.

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