Datapulse Launch IP Operator Console for Nortel

Telecoms solutions provider Datapulse has launched their ‘Intuition 1000’, an IP enabled operator console that works exclusively with the Nortel CS 1000 PBX.

‘Intuition 1000’ is a software-based console that provides switchboard operators with the tools for professional and efficient call handling, allowing faster processing of individual calls via an advanced directory facility and link-in system to corporate databases and diaries.

Operators are instantly alerted to incoming calls via a switchboard screen that appears over any active applications, displaying the caller’s details. Screen prompts then guide the operator about how best to answer the call given the customer’s identity and nature of their call, and allows for seamless call transfers. Quick links to the corporate database enable the operator to speed-search for the relevant information while the caller is on the line. ‘Intuition’ also displays a caller waiting list complete with caller ID, which then means that operators can identify priority or emergency calls and if necessary, put the current caller on hold.

As ‘Intuition 1000’ is IP-enabled, operators can be located anywhere on the corporate network, an advantage in offices where space is limited or local staffing costs are high. IP also allows for operators to log in from multiple sites, so that if part of the corporate network goes down, operators can log in from a different location and take calls as normal, minimising disruption to business and ensuring calls are not lost.

Trevor Crook, Product Manager for Datapulse, says: “In an age where customer service is key, investing in smart technology that allows contacts into a business to be handled in the most efficient and intelligent manner is vital. Datapulse solutions and applications are designed to be scalable with an easy, affordable upgrade path to greater functionality and IP.

Intuition is compatible with both TDM, IP and hybrid networks, so it is perfect for companies that are trialling or planning to move to IP, or those in the process of a VoIP migration. It is very easy to install and maintain, with minimal business disruption, and a high level of functionality enables companies to effortlessly improve customer service and the ‘shop front’ of their business.”

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