Datapulse Launches Unified Communications Solution

Datapulse, the developer of unified communications applications for Nortel, has announced the launch of Click-2-Dial. This new product improves telephone efficiency and call costs by enabling users to make calls from within applications and files by clicking on telephone numbers.

Click-2-Dial is a tool for Microsoft Office Communication Solution (OCS) and Nortel IP Phone users that breaks down the barrier between communications and applications. Users can click on any telephone number in any PC application document or web page to initiate a call from their Nortel IP softphone or Office Communicator client. The calls are made using the organisation’s telephony system and therefore placed with the best corporate rate.

As these phone solutions work remotely, Click-2-Dial enables all users, both office based and mobile to benefit from the time saving process of easy, automated dialling. Bottom line cost reductions are delivered through reducing misdials and keeping voice traffic ‘on network’ and using the least cost routing to reduce call costs.

“The fundamental driving force behind the development of Click-2-Dial was how it answers real business issues,” said Pippa Rhys, Marketing Manager, Datapulse. “Click-2-Dial leverages the IT infrastructure by bridging the gap between communications and applications to deliver increased efficiency, in-call and between call time reduction and in conjunction with Microsoft OCS offers a mobile communications tool that drives down costs.”

Click-2-Dial offers a cheaper, simple and more effective alternative solution to integrating desktop IT programs with telephony systems and avoids the problem of needing to repeat that process for each additional application. Click-2-Dial allows users to make calls quicker, more accurately and with no need to switch applications to make a call, no manual dialling and removing reliance on printed phone directories.

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