Datasharp stretches the boundaries on customer service

When faced with a faulty mother board on the final installation of a five site three island IP system the outcome would have looked bleak for a normal telephony company but not Datasharp.

During the final installation on the Island Bryher, part of the Scilly Isles located 25 miles off Lands End, Datasharp’s Engineering Manager discovered the mother board he was due to install was faulty. Faced with the prospect of having to reschedule a busy diary to revisit Island Bryher in a few days when the replacement part could be delivered and they could be returned to the island. The only thing to do was to try and get the equipment there that day, but time was running out fast. After calling the Datasharp distribution centre and confirming stock of the required item, the next obstacle was getting it across the 26 miles of sea that separated the Island from the mainland.

Datasharp’s co-ordinators rang the helicopter company that runs between the islands only to be told that it was too late to check in parcels that needed to be transported that day. Datasharp’s Engineering Manager knew some of the staff at the heliport who work as Fire crew on the station, they confirmed they would be able to get it on the Helicopter if the part was with them within 30 minutes. Datasharp despatched one of their apprentices who collected the replacement part from the Datasharp distribution centre and drove it 25 miles to the heliport in Penzance. Once the equipment had arrived on the Scillies the local Fire brigade then transported the kit from the Heliport to the quay.

The next problem was getting it to the remote island, Datasharp then rang the Harbour master who said he would be happy to bring the kit in his boat. All was going well until his boat was unable to land due to a going tide, so the with the assistance of the local hotel they borrowed a land rover and reversed it into 4 feet of water to collect the card from the boat. After a few hairy moments the card was safely aboard on the way to site. This was successful and by 19:00 the system was upgraded and the 5 sites were linked via IP trunks seamlessly providing free IP calls between 5 sites on 3 different islands.

Tresco Estate now join the 100’s of other satisfied Datasharp customers. Tony Reading, IT Manager, Tresco Estate quoted “Tresco Estate has a number of separate business units that need to communicate effectively and economically. Datasharp have met this challenge by providing the business with a dependable Voice over IP system, competently installed by their own professional engineers.”

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