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Deadline for Fastest 4 Incentive Approaches

With the deadline for Fastest 4 approaching, partners have less than a fortnight to qualify to race supercars at the world renowned Aerodrome at Palmer Sport on June 8th.

There will be lots of new faces at this year’s event as 50% of racers are newly on-boarded partners and ex-stig Ben Collins is looking forward to putting both new and long established Partners through their paces.

“I gather we have some fresh meat on the track this year alongside the track veterans, which is great news for my scream collection. I’ll be doing another SuperRide in the Palmer Jaguar JP-LM so I’ll make sure they get the full Le Mans experience!” said Ben Collins, host and mischief maker at this year’s Fastest 4.

The Fastest 4 incentive is proving more popular than ever according to Henry West, Head of Channel Sales at KCOM.

“Ethernet Lines and Leased Lines are the most popular point getters so far this year but we do have some players that qualified really quickly by signing managed WAN deals with us. It’s the quickest way to race!” said Henry.

Just 40 points to qualify:

Product Points achieved per sale
Managed WAN       20
EFM                      10
Fibre Ethernet       10
EoFTTC                  5
FTTC                     1

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine