Dealers Urged: Give Your Business a Health Check

Nimans is advising resellers to give their businesses a health check by identifying more efficient and streamlined ways of working – from taking advantage of increased leasing opportunities to having more orders despatched straight to site, saving time and fuel costs.

Systems Sales Director Phil Adams, confirmed: “I suppose it can be compared to going to your GP for a check-up. There are lots of ways resellers can improve their bottom line, if they stop and take a step back to look at the bigger picture.

“For example many may be placing too much emphasis on going after new customers when they may be missing opportunities with their existing base. Peripheral items such as headsets and conferencing units can also play a positive part in driving a dealer’s business forward.” Ian stressed: “As fuel increases, the cost effectiveness of margin-rich audio conferencing becomes more attractive and this is a message dealers should actively be promoting.”

Another area dealers should address is embracing more flexible ways of buying equipment, as Adams continued: “Resellers are telling us they still have good pipelines of work which illustrates continuing strong demand for telecoms technology. Obviously lead generation is key for them. If you look back 18 months a high percentage of business was done on capital purchase but that’s almost gone full circle now with a large amount done on lease.

“Nimans adds more value by ensuring resellers can get thousands of products from us when they need them. A lot of them will buy on monthly trends which results in money sitting on their shelf. Many don’t have a warehouse facility because they know we have such a massive stock holding which is guaranteed for next day delivery.”

Adams concluded: “We can help them further by delivering straight to site or even direct to an engineer’s home, saving time and fuel. We recognise that it may not always be practical but we have an unrivalled logistics operation in place which involves everything being branded up for the reseller if they prefer, as well as effective order tracking.

“Nimans continues to place great emphasis on creating very attractive financial propositions – from 0% finance offers to putting together exclusive bundles which ultimately all improve a dealer’s bottom line.”

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