Decline in 3G voice minutes across VoLTE-enabled iOS devices

Following news that Vodafone plans to launch VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling services yesterday Tektronix and Barclays had the following comments.

Marc Bensadoun, VP Tektronix Communications’ Radio Access Network Business Unit commented “Not all mobile networks are configured to support VoLTE calls, so the majority of voice calls made on 4G-enabled devices are still routed through legacy 2G and 3G networks. iPhone 6 devices are VoLTE-compatible and have driven the recent increase in the number of VoLTE calls across U.S. networks.

“Since the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 3G voice calls made on iOS devices across U.S. networks have declined. 3G voice calling among iPhone 6 users is now 1/4 of that on previous iPhone models as a result of VoLTE adoption since the October 2014 launch of the two new smartphones. We anticipate this trend to continue as more VoLTE compatible devices become available.

“Sales of iPhone 6 devices are increasing rapidly, they account for two in three of all new iOS devices coming onto the market.”

Convergence of WiFi and cellular the biggest opportunity for Telcos and hardware manufacturers according to Andrew Skinner, Relationship Director for Telecoms, Barclays TMT.

He said “Google announced its plans to launch a virtual mobile network in the US, enabling users to switch seamlessly between cellular, Wi-Fi, and different wireless carriers, to provide an optimum mobile experience for the end user.

“For plenty of telcos and hardware manufacturers, it seems like the biggest opportunity can be found in the convergence of cellular and Wi-Fi to achieve near universal connectivity.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine