Dedicated Offer for Partners From Eclipse

From Thursday 6th June 2013 to Friday 6th September 2013 Eclipse will be offering Partners FREE install for Bonded Broadband orders.

It is a widely accepted fact that businesses need faster internet access today. The availability of faster internet access, especially for smaller and mid-sized business, is universally recognised as a key enabler for economic growth and prosperity in the UK.

To install Bonded Broadband is very straightforward, two, three or four lines are provided at the business premises and are supported by standard routers specifically configured for the bonded application.

The clever stuff that makes Bonded Broadband work happens within the ISP network, where an aggregation server combines the individual two, three or four standard broadband services into one single service before it connects to the internet.

It is the aggregation server within the ISP network that is key to the success of Bonded Broadband, enabling the maximum speed of each service to be combined into a single internet connection. Where providers bonded solutions don’t use an aggregation server, the result is often each individual connection service being limited to the speed of the slowest performing line.

For businesses needing faster internet access, Bonded Broadband is a very practical solution. It’s available today anywhere that broadband is available, it can be provided within 10 working days and it’s four times faster than standard broadband!

Furthermore, because Bonded Broadband is provided using multiple broadband services, it has an inherent resiliency – if one of the connections suffers a failure or disruption, the others ensure the overall service keeps working. Bonded Broadband offers a cost effective solution, although costing a little more than Fibre Broadband, it is a fraction of the price of leased line and Ethernet solutions.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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