Demand for mobile games continues to grow

Global mobile media company, BuzzCity, delivered more than 2.1 million games to 3.4 million unique users across the world through its free mobile gaming portal Djuzz during May. This is an increase of 75% in downloads and an 87% increase in unique visitors to the portal. The growth in traffic was supported by more than 130 partners who signed up to the Djuzz Catalogue to create their own branded games portal utilising content available on Djuzz.

The portal currently offers over 5,000 games, spread across 29 categories and created by 60 mobile games developers. The portal received a seventy five percent increase in downloads for the month and as the content is available on a variety of platforms including Java, Symbian and Android, it is accessible to those with new-generation smartphones as well as traditional feature phones.

BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai, said: “The Djuzz Catalogue has allowed us to provide consumers with more channels through which to access free gaming content. The growth in interest reflects high demand across different market segments represented by our catalogue partners. We believe we have barely even scratched the surface of the free mobile gaming market and the opportunities ahead for our partners and advertisers are significant.”

The top 10 games downloaded worldwide during May accounted for 22% of the total downloads and included: The Djuzz metrics for May also demonstrated the continued popularity of games loosely based on action characters from TV, movie or popular literature. Among the top downloaded games, “Ben 10: Battle for the Omnitrix” is based on the Ben 10 TV series and movies. “Dragon and Dracula” is based on Bram Stoker’s character, “Dracula”.

India was the most active during May with 877,238 downloads, followed by Indonesia (156,131), South Africa (142,668), the United States (118,367) and Malaysia (82,500).

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