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Call management is nothing new. It’s often bolted on to a system sale and is already used by thousands of companies big and small as a very effective business tool. Allan Merten from Nimans says despite the perception that sales opportunities can appear limited, he is urging resellers not to fall into the trap of treating it as an ‘after thought’ – and insists positive results will follow.

“In the SME market place affordability is the biggest factor,” he highlighted. “But the most important way to clinch more sales is to get in front of customers and demonstrate the power of information and the positive impact it can have on a business.

“I would say that over 95% of every customer demonstration leads to a sale. The challenge for resellers is to get a foot in the door. In many ways the technology then sells itself, in some cases paying for itself in just several months. Knowledge is power and that’s very much the case with call management which helps companies reduce operating costs, improve performance, retain customers and work smarter.”

Nimans’ Call Processing Business Manager says call management packages are generally margin rich and provide valuable reseller revenue streams especially if other avenues of business such as PBX sales are slowing down. Upgrades are becoming more common as businesses evolve and grow.

“Call management can open up a wealth of customer information, even extending to an early alert of toll fraud. If you don’t know what calls are being made, generally the only way a customer will find out if they’ve become a victim is when they receive their phone bill which could be weeks down the line, as the costs continue to escalate.”

Nimans recently extended its own brand Radius portfolio by introducing call management, call recording and activity monitoring solutions powered by Liquid Voice. A series of nationwide breakfast meetings have recently been held so that resellers could see for themselves the tremendous sales potential that exists.

Allan highlighted activity monitoring as a major new addition to a reseller’s ‘kit bag’ as it is ideally suited to remote working. The easy-to-use technology can monitor and report on each employee’s workstation activities, minute by minute whether in the office or working remotely. A complete time-line is maintained showing which documents, e-mails, websites and programs they have been using – providing an extra pair of eyes for managers and supervisors.

Allan concluded: “Call management has always been driven by a desire from businesses to understand their call costs and improve customer service. Whether third party or in-built solutions, there will always be opportunities out there.”

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