Dexterra provides security solution for mobile business

Dexterra, a provider of software to automate and manage a mobile workforce, has announced that it is pioneering a two factor mobile security solution powered by the VeriSign Unified Authentication Service.

Dexterra will provide a first of its kind mobile security solution that will facilitate assured security capabilities for wireless carriers’ and enterprises’ mobile applications, users and devices.

Mobile computing has had an enormous positive effect on worker productivity worldwide, but the lack of effective mobile security solutions has been a major barrier to its widespread adoption in industries that handle sensitive data, Dexterra stated. Until now, most mobile security solutions have relied solely on user names and passwords to restrict network access, an approach that often fails in the real world, the business claimed. These solutions are highly susceptible to attacks by hackers who intercept the user’s login information and simply replay it to access networks illegally.

Dexterra’s patent pending mobile security solution prevents these kinds of replay attacks by authenticating both the user’s identity and their mobile device before granting network access. In order to break in, a hacker would have to possess the mobile user’s identity as well as their device.

Dexterra’s mobile security solution also coordinates the entire authentication process, transparently requiring a unique piece of the validation sequence from VeriSign, Dexterra and the user.

Unless all three components come together in the proper order, the authentication process cannot be completed. This high level of security makes it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access, Dexterra stated. At the same time, the transparency of the process allows legitimate users to access network data and applications they need easily, without affecting their productivity.

Michael Liebow, chief executive officer at Dexterra, explained: “Our unique approach opens the door to mobile computing for wireless carriers and enterprises that need to ensure the integrity of their networks. These businesses have been waiting for an effective mobile security solution that allows them to offer secure hosted application services to their mobile users without risk to their business data or burdensome processes. Together with VeriSign, we are now able to offer this elegant, innovative solution.”

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