Dialcom Announces Launch of Collaboration Software Suite in UK

Dialcom, a provider of unified collaboration, today announced the availability of its Spontania real-time collaboration platform in the UK. A comprehensive solution with a user-friendly interface, Spontania delivers enterprise grade, premise-based software that seamlessly and securely extends IM, voice, video and data in real-time to any user, over any device or network, regardless of geographic location.

Up until now the system has been available in Spain and Germany, and more recently the US,, yet Dialcom boasts more than 100 customers spanning a number of industries around the globe, including telecommunications, media, banking, insurance, services and manufacturing including major blue chip companies such as Bankinter and Telefonica.

“Businesses run most effectively and efficiently when team members, colleagues, and partners collaborate, but it’s not always necessary to gather into a conference room,” said Robert Mahowald, program director at IDC. “With flexible conferencing and media-switching applications, individuals can share ideas and information in real-time on one screen, incorporating voice, video, and data sharing. Users can exchange thoughts and feedback in a group setting, regardless of whether each team member is on a computer, a mobile phone, in the office or working from a remote location, and get the benefits of good collaboration using the latest technology.”

“Entrance into the UK marketplace is an incredibly significant and logical step for us as we expand the reach of our corporation to meet the growing global market demand,” said Bob Johnson, president and COO at Dialcom. “The market is reaching out to find a more sophisticated and comprehensive collaboration solution than has been available to date. Reinforced by the success we have had in other countries, we are confident that we can answer this need with Spontania, a secure, flexible and proven solution.”

“Our customers tell us that data, voice and video collaboration perfectly balances the convenience of online banking with the personal service of an in-bank teller,” said Jorge Andreo, project manager of video and VoIP for Bankinter. “Also, we’ve seen a great increase in product sales when we use Spontania’s simultaneous, flexible conferencing and media switching capabilities as opposed to traditional one-way outreach through other channels.”

Multiple roles within an enterprise, from the CFO to the producing worker, realise the benefits of Spontania. It includes full compatibility with existing communication infrastructure, preserving legacy investments in video conferencing equipment, IM, email and IPBX, and is premise based, allowing for better IT and cost management of these resources. Large global enterprises are able to increase productivity among their various geographically dispersed teams, presenting a work environment that provides an actual shared space and fostering a greater sense of teamwork and cooperative work culture right on the desktop. The ability to create this environment minimises location-oriented dependencies and the operational expenses associated with travel and the need to move people to do business.

Spontania overcomes the concerns of businesses such as complexity, lack of integration, and bandwidth utilisation that has stymied the rapid adoption of legacy technologies still available today. Dialcom’s unique adaptive bandwidth management technology, U.S. patent pending, keeps bandwidth usage to a minimum, even during video and graphic intensive sessions and Spontania operates securely on any existing corporate network. Spontania provides a modern, efficient and cost-effective collaboration environment, generating a highly productive and better quality workplace wherever and however users are connected.

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