Dictate2us launches new service for BlackBerry users

dictate2us, a UK’s digital transcription service, has launched the world’s first BlackBerry dictation and transcription app.

Free to download, d2u Transcriber provides a revolutionary approach to traditional transcription methods. The app has built-in functionality and an intuitive interface to create a digital recording, which can then be accurately and efficiently transcribed.

d2u Transcriber provides a secure and confidential service that can be used for all manner of dictation purposes, including professional medical and legal reports, general correspondence, academic research and journalist interviews.

The new app was developed over a 12-month period at a cost of £80,000. It follows dictate2us’ hugely successful iPhone app, which has had 6.5 million downloads worldwide since it launched in 2009.

d2u Transcriber is the brainchild of dictate2us’ 26-year-old Chief Executive, Daryl Leigh. Commenting on the launch, Daryl said: “We’re hugely excited to have entered the BlackBerry market – it’s a natural progression which will complete the business experience we offer. Now even more people will be able to dictate on-the-go.

“This app has been over a year in development and has been created by a team of experts that span four continents. It is the ultimate tool for business users and its launch marks a new era in outsourcing. d2u Transcriber has been created to help individuals and companies stay competitive. It provides significant cost savings for end users by helping to eradicate menial and time-consuming business functions.”

Having downloaded the app for free, users pay £1.55 per minute of audio. They can record their dictation via the BlackBerry app, which will then send it securely to dictate2us. Once a file has been transcribed, dictate2us will return the document to the user’s email address and/or make it available for download on their online account. The app can be used on all BlackBerry handsets.

Daryl continued: “Many of our customers currently access our transcription service via the iPhone app. However, as the BlackBerry is regarded by many as the ‘king of the business device’, we look forward to extending our customer-base even further. This new app opens up a whole new market for us.”

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