Digital Infrastructure Key to UK Productivity

News this week revealed that UK workers’ productivity is stuck below pre-crisis level, with businesses struggling to regain their ability to become ever more efficient.

In response to this, Rich Fenton, Systems Engineers Manager UK&I at Nimble Storage, points to the government’s recent announcements that it will be investing in R&D and digital infrastructure to improve productivity, highlighting how businesses looking to technology to drive greater efficiencies and growth must look at their own business infrastructure first.

“With UK productivity stuck below pre-crisis levels, many businesses will be looking to the governments new digital initiatives to help address the country’s low labour productivity and make the country more attractive for investment. Part of both the Industrial Strategy and Autumn Statement, the government pointed to significant investments in national digital infrastructure, including full fibre and 5G, to help stimulate growth.

But beyond grand investments national digital infrastructure, true change will only be achieved if businesses are able to drive greater efficiencies by taking a smarter approach to increasing productivity in their own firm. For those companies that increasingly rely on digital technologies, it is important that they look into their own infrastructure – whether on premise or in the cloud – to reduce the time currently wasted by employees on software delays. With the typical employee experiencing an average of four software-caused delays per work day, and each of these lasting about seven seconds, the cost of this time to the British economy amounts to £744,235,520 every year.

By taking simple steps to reduce the app-data gap in their own infrastructure, businesses can make a concerted effort to improve productivity in their company and the wider economy.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine