Dimension Data Tie Up HMRC

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has selected network cabling solutions from cabling manufacturer Brand-Rex as part of a major office construction and staff re-location project at its premises in the north-east of England.

Approximately 13,000 Cat 5e GigaPlus outlets, 40+ wiring cabinets and over seven kilometres of OS1 and 62.5micron multimode fibre optic backbone cabling have been installed in a new four-building HMRC campus facility at Long Benton, near Newcastle upon Tyne, where over 2,500 personnel will relocate, following consolidation from 12 separate Inland Revenue and Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) sites in the area.

Brand-Rex and installation partner Dimension Data successfully overturned a previously-selected cabling solution after demonstrating a more robust design solution, combined with a more financially viable installation. The contract was originally awarded in 2003, with building construction and cabling installation being completed in 2005.

“We fully expect the cabling solutions at this site to last in excess of 25 years,” commented HMRC information systems Support Manager Andy Thomson. “Brand-Rex and Dimension Data were able to meet our stringent layout and run length requirements, which will provide us with a highly resilient and future proof network,” he added.

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