Discussions Open Opportunities say Shipton Comms

Paul Ballinger of Shipton Communications says that call management conversations with prospects can be a different way to position your offer and draw more consideration into the sales process that asking the usual questions.

“Call management solutions for our clients are included in each quote we create. On each occasion a business discussion can be had with the customer about the viability of such a solution. It tends to draw out other considerations for the implementation of a new PBX such as call control, call record, cost management and owner responsibility.

Efficiencies in departments can be better analysed and improved upon. Changes in headcount can be identified quickly and reacted upon to maintain the expected service delivery levels.

Follow up meetings with Clients that have had the software installed some months earlier can result in creating ‘upsell’ events such as creating better hunt groups, identifying lost calls, reworked call flow patterns and the implementation of some call centre licenses which all go toward elevating our position as a supplier of service to that of a ‘consultative’ organisation which is genuinely interested in our customers getting the best efficiencies from a communications solution.

The IP environment is not negatively affected by call management in any way, in multi site estates its networking capability really benefits the customer and becomes a stronger proposition.”

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